Sink or Swim

Jamie. 19. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Second year Uni student. The Gaslight Anthem/The Horrible Crowes/The Front Bottoms/Modern Baseball etc. Let's talk.

I never stopped loving you. Not even for a second. Even when I hated you.

—Charles Sheehan-Miles, Just Remember to Breathe (via perfect)

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So don’t ask me where I been
cause you don’t wanna know
and don’t ask me who I’m seein’
no, you don’t wanna know
and don’t come around me here when I need you the most
leave it alone… leave a little room for the holy ghost.

—The Gaslight Anthem - Have Mercy

The Front Bottoms

—Takin My Uzi To The Gym


This is me officially giving up on you
I’ve wasted too much time with stupid lies
For this to ever become true

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